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Summer is coming, I want to buy what the fabric of clothes?

hya hya.com 2018-03-20 10:15:42
Summer is coming, I want to buy what the fabric of clothes?

Clothing is made of fabrics, which are the materials used to make clothing. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the color and shape of clothing. Shows its own noble and perfect, soft to the touch.

The material used to make garment appearance is called apparel fabric. Clothing production is usually divided into: fabrics and inside and other accessories, some clothing without lining, so the most important thing is the fabric of clothing. Fabrics usually account for more than 30% of clothing costs, so the quality of apparel fabrics has a great impact on finished products.

Clothing fabrics can be divided into three categories: woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, natural fabrics, leather, leather and imitations, leather, leather fabrics (nonwoven fabrics are rarely used for clothing, and therefore ignored).

1, cotton cloth
Underwear and lining. Its advantage is that it is easy to keep warm. Cotton cloth is the general name for all kinds of cotton textiles. It is mostly used to make fashion casual wear, soft closeness, hygroscopicity, very good breathability. Its disadvantages are that it is easy to shrink, wrinkle, appearance is not very beautiful, and must be ironed when wearing.

2, linen
Burlap is a cloth made of hemp, linen, ramie, jute, sisal, and abaca. It is generally used to make casual wear. At present, it is often used to make ordinary summer clothes. Its advantages are high strength, good moisture absorption, and excellent thermal conductivity. Its disadvantage is that it is not very comfortable to wear and it is rough and stiff.

3, silk
Silk is a collective name for various kinds of silk fabrics made by using silk as raw material. Like cotton, it has many varieties and different personalities. It can be used to make a variety of clothing, especially suitable for making women's clothing. Its strengths are light, thin, fit, soft, smooth, breathable, colorful, shiny, elegant, and comfortable to wear. Its disadvantage is that it is prone to wrinkle, it is easy to suck, it is not strong enough, and it fades quickly. 

4, woolen
Wool, also known as wool, is a generic term for fabrics made from various types of wool and cashmere. It is usually applied to make formal, high-end clothing such as dresses, suits, and coats. Its advantages are anti-wrinkle, anti-wear, soft-feeling, elegant, elastic, and warmth-keeping. Its disadvantages are that it is more difficult to wash the bar and it is not suitable for making summer clothes.

5, leather
Leather is an animal fur fabric that has been tanned. It is used to make fashion and winter clothes. Can be divided into two categories: First, leather, that is, after the hair processing leather. The second is suede, which has been treated with belted leather. Its advantages are light and warm, elegant and luxurious. Its disadvantages are that it is expensive and it requires high storage and care, so it should not be popularized.

6, chemical fiber
Chemical fiber is short for chemical fiber. It is a textile fabric made of a polymer compound made of raw materials. Usually it is divided into two types of artificial fibers and synthetic fibers. Their common advantages are bright colors, soft texture, crisp, smooth and comfortable. Their disadvantages are wear resistance, heat resistance, hygroscopicity, and air permeability. They are easily deformed when exposed to heat and are prone to static electricity. Although it can be used to
For all kinds of clothing, but the overall grade is not high, it is difficult to make a concession.

7, blended
Blended fabrics are fabrics made by blending natural and chemical fibers in a certain proportion and can be used to make various kinds of garments. Its strength is that it not only absorbs the respective advantages of cotton, hemp, silk, wool, and chemical fiber, but also avoids their respective drawbacks as much as possible, and is relatively inexpensive in value, so it is very popular.

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