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Buy a healthy mattress experience

hya hya.com 2018-08-31 17:55:21

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(1) Spring mattress

For mattresses such as spring mattresses, the most important part of the mattress is the part that is most easily adulterated - the inner core of the mattress, which usually consists of a mattress spring and various fillers.

Purchase experience:

  • When testing the soft and hard mattress, press the mattress with your hand to hear if the spring has a "beep" sound. If there is, the inner spring has rusted or damaged.
  • Smell the taste of the mattress, the quality of the work is generally poor, or the mattress gives off an unpleasant smell. It is recommended to give up this mattress.
  • Spring mattress purchase should be lie down and flipped in various postures. Feel the support of the mattress on the spine and whether it can make the spine get a good and even support and feel the softness of the mattress.

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(2) Latex mattress

The material used to make the latex mattress is more precious, and it is also the most easy to adulterate mattress material, so the choice of latex mattress also has the corresponding purchase method. As the cushion of the mattress, the latex mattress has an actual thickness of only 3-5cm, so the price is relatively cheaper.

Purchase experience:

  • Smell the taste, the quality latex mattress is made by natural latex through the foaming process, and the latex mattress has a light creamy fragrance.
  • Touching the bed products, the surface of the high-quality latex mattress is delicate and smooth, and the surface of the inferior latex mattress is dull and dull, and the texture is rough.
  • Look at the pores, the quality of the latex mattress material has different pores inside, the inferior latex mattress is punched by manual processing, the edge of the hole is rough.

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(3) Brown mattress

The brown mattress is one of the mattresses with high cost performance among all kinds of mattress types. The brown mattress has excellent performance, good softness and hardness, and is also the object of mass consumer purchase. However, brown mattresses on the market are often sold as fake mattresses, and consumers must carefully identify them.

Purchase experience:

  • The filler looks at the authenticity of the mountain brown mattress. There are many merchants who sell red and brown as coco, which cannot be compared with coir and mountain brown.
  • Judging the quality of the mattress from the work of the fabric. The high-quality fabric has the same quilt tightness, no obvious wrinkles, no floating lines and jumpers. When the mattress is pressed by hand, there is no friction inside, and the hand feels crisp and comfortable.
  • Look at the pros and cons of the mattress from the product logo. Genuine mattresses, whether mats, spring cushions or cotton pads, have product names, registered trademarks, manufacturing company or manufacturer names, factory addresses, contact numbers or faxes.

(4) Memory cotton mattress

Memory cotton has good temperature sensitivity, decompression and slow resilience, sensitive to human body temperature, zero resilience, fits the human body curve, prevents spinal deformity, effectively promotes the relaxation of body pressure and prolongs deep sleep.

Purchase experience:

  • The best rebound time for high-quality memory cotton is about 10-15 seconds (about 18-10 °C). When the temperature rises to 35-25 °C, the optimal rebound time becomes 5-8 seconds.
  • High-quality memory foam also has a good temperature sensing, which will become soft and hard with temperature changes, while the inferior memory cotton mattress has extremely fast resilience, which is similar to the quality of a general sponge.
  • The high-quality memory cotton feels very comfortable, the inferior memory foam mattress feels rough, and the surface of the pinch mattress is obviously stiff, and the rebound is very fast.