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How to distinguish the quality of coir mattress?

hya hya.com 2018-08-30 10:34:19

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In recent years, spring mattresses have been less popular. On the contrary, the original mat mattress has a tendency to flourish. The mat mattress rises rapidly with natural spring-free features and launches a fierce attack on the spring mattress. Take the indication of the status of the spring mattress in the market. However, many people still have no confidence in their quality. The mat mattresses mainly include coir mattress and mountain brown mattress, among which the former is more popular.

Authentic coir mattress is made from the surface fiber of coconut shell, which is natural and harmless, and is warm in winter and cool in summer. Its coir is breathable, moisture-absorbing, elastic and resilient, and it is one of the main reasons for people to pursue it.

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The coir mattress can overwhelm the spring mattress not only by its natural and harmless raw materials, but also by the technical improvement of the coir bed. The curly coir fiber is in a three-dimensional network pattern, forming a pure natural plant that sits silently. Fiber "spring". The coir mattress in this arrangement mode has high elasticity and good resilience. The human body curve fits the mattress and the support force is even, so that the body is completely relaxed, and the sleeper gets a better rest. In comparison, the coir mattress is slightly less elastic than the mountain brown mattress.

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Breathability of coir mattress

The three-dimensional network structure of coir mattress has better ventilation and permeability, is not easy to be contaminated with moisture, and will not be damp for long-term use. It is suitable for use in wet areas in the south. The human body sleeps at night and is prone to sweating. The mattress is ventilated and not hot and hot, reducing sweating and keeping the mattress dry for a long time. However, compared with the mountain brown mattress, the breathability is slightly poor, but there are many manufacturers who cut corners to save costs, and the gas permeability does not reach the predetermined effect. Yu Yu recommended to pay attention to the breathability of the mattress when purchasing, it is best to buy a mountain brown mattress with better ventilation performance.

Dusting of coir mattress

Dust mites are harmful to the human body and are the most widely distributed allergens in the world. According to medical allergy experts, more than 80% of repeated cough, asthma and dust mites are allergic, and the ideal temperature for dust mites is 25 Celsius, humidity is 75%, humidity below 60% dust mites will not be able to breed, less than 50% will not survive, visible wet is a hotbed of dust mites. The coir mattress has good air permeability, and the anti-moist property makes the mattress dust mites less likely to survive and reproduce, and it is safer for the human body, so that the body sleeps at night is more dry and rest assured.

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Maintenance of coir mattress

1. In order to prevent the manufacturer from irresponsible disinfection and sterilization, it is an indispensable procedure to use the sun before use.

2, the coir mattress has a moderate air permeability, so it is necessary to puhttps://www.mattressfabricmanufacturer.com/products/best-quality-of-mattress-foam.htmlt it in the ventilating sun to avoid the mattress being damp.

3, regularly flip the coir mattress, so that the coke mattress parts are evenly stressed, not easy to deform, durable.

4, keep the room dry, not too humid, this will help keep the mattress dry.