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lavender pillow

hya hya.com 2018-08-27 11:26:06

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Speaking of lavender, it is definitely a favorite of many girls. The function of lavender is a lot. In addition to being able to watch, you can also make tea. Recently, people pupillowt lavender into our sleeping pillows. The wisdom of human beings is really endless. So what is the effect and effect of lavender pillows? 

Lavender can accelerate the metabolism of a new city, so that you can have a good sleep and relieve your emotions. On cold nights, lavender can always be with you. Lavender is placed inside the pillow, and the charming aroma will always be wrapped around you.

The design of the lavender pillow is like a petal, with a concave in the middle. This design fits the physiological curve of the human head and protects the neck and head with perfect support. Can effectively improve the quality of your sleep. And the lavender sachet is detachable, because in order to prevent the entry of mites, we must clean and dry our pillows frequently, so that the humanized design can meet your different needs.

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The fabric of the lavender pillow is also very high quality, natural and soft. It is completely irritating to the skin, has a particularly good hand feeling, and is also very breathable. The unique pearlescent printing and dyeing process makes its flower shape more beautiful and three-dimensional. It can drag the cervical vertebrae to relax the brain and protect the cervical vertebrae. Department of blood circulation.

When you are using a lavender pillow, the temperature of the head will cause the lavender to emit a certain aroma. Through the absorption of your body, you can achieve the effect of ventilating the blood and smelling the disease, so that people can also sleep during the process. Health is simply beautiful.(Mattress stretch knit jacquard fabric seller)

Lavender pillows are designed with grooves. This design can effectively release the pressure of the cervical vertebrae, promote blood circulation, effectively relieve cervical spondylosis, and eliminate your fatigue and tension for a day, so you can have a depth. The sleep, just sleep and wake up naturally is like this. Lavender pillows can not only help sleep, but also be very durable. Its hygroscopicity and breathability are very good. It has very good effect on those patients with insomnia. It is very warm in winter and cool in summer, breathable and soothing. It is a very good one. Healthy pillow.

Lavender Herb is also a very important and effective fragrance raw material. It can also be used as a medicinal material. It also has calming and anti-depressant effects. It can effectively prevent and relieve phlegm and enhance people's health and strength.