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Precautions for purchasing curtains

hya hya.com 2018-08-28 11:11:44

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Curtains are one of the must-have decorations for every household. With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for curtain selection are getting higher and higher. It is not limited to his functionality, but more attention is paid to its decoration, that is, it is not beautiful. The awareness of consumption is not correct. So what should we pay attention to when choosing curtains?

First, the material

For the material of the curtain, in general, whether it is the living room, the bedroom or the study, if you are hesitant between thick and thin, then I suggest you can choose double-layer curtains. Inside the double curtains is a layer of light material, such as tulle, mesh cloth and so on. Outside, you can choose a thick curtain, usually like woolen or gold velvet. In this case, you can change the situation of the curtains according to your mood, which is very good.

Second, color

Then for styles and designs, you can arrange the living room or bedroom at your own discretion. I suggest that the living room and study room should choose a brighter color, so that people will be refreshed when they enter the house. This color will give the living room a bright feeling, which is more conducive to your conversation with friends or work and study. . It is best to choose a warm color in the bedroom, because the warm color is more conducive to people's rest and sleep, but also can give the bedroom a warm feeling.

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Third, the quality

Then choose the material and color, now we need to look at the quality of the curtains, I suggest that before we go to buy curtains, it is best to understand the characteristics of the curtains, so that we are based on their own characteristics Can quickly find the curtains we need, if the quality also meets your requirements, then this curtain can be safely chosen.

Fourth, the size

The size of the curtains is something we need to pay attention to. It does not mean that the window can be covered simply, and if the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, the decoration will not be very good. So in general, we choose the length of the curtain must be greater than the width, so that the effect of hanging is better. If the window size of the home is too large, we can hang a few slender curtains on the big window, which will look better than hanging a long and wide curtain directly.

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Five, style

The style of the curtains is also varied, with rural style, European and American style, modern style, retro style and so on. To choose a style of curtains is mainly determined by the decoration style of your home. To make the whole color of the home consistent, now most families use simple style, so we can choose simple curtains, so that the home The effect looks more versatile and more comfortable