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Why did the fabric go through singeing

hya hya.com 2018-04-19 19:55:25
Why did the fabric go through singeing

What is singeing? Why did the fabric go through singeing? Singeing refers to the process of rapidly passing yarn or fabric through a flame or on a hot metal surface to burn off the surface of the hair. 

Singing purposes: The surface of the original cloth is covered with a layer of varying lengths of villi, which are mainly formed by the ends of fibers exposed on the surface of the fabric. In addition to certain special varieties (velvet, silk), the general fabric must be singed.
What is singeing? Why does the fabric go through singeing?

The effect of these fluff on the fabric 

1 The fluff on the fabric affects the surface of the fabric and is easy to stain and stain.
2 affect the color uniformity, vividness;
3 difficult to print fine patterns;
4 Poly/cotton fabrics are easy to pick up and pilling;
5 The fluff is easy to fall off and accumulate on the surface of the cloth, which brings unfavorable factors to the printing and dyeing processing, such as dyeing, printing defects and clogging pipes. 
Singeing principle: Singeing means that the fabric is passed through the flame of the singeing machine or wiped through the red hot metal surface in a flat state to remove the villi on the surface of the fabric and obtain a smooth surface. At this time, the fluff on the cloth surface is close to the flame and is loose, so it can quickly warm up and burn. The fabric itself is relatively dense, thick, and far away from the flame, so the temperature rise is slower. It has already left the flame or the red hot metal surface when the temperature has not reached the ignition point. Therefore, the principle of different heating rates of the cloth body and the fluff is used to achieve Only the fluff on the surface of the fabric is burned without damaging the fabric.

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