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What harm can you bring to sleep inferior mattresses

hya hya.com 2018-07-18 17:36:31

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Do you stay up all night, insomnia, and sleep? When I lie in bed, my mobile phone can't leave my hand and subconsciously play mobile phone? Why are you obviously sleepy, just not wanting to sleep? I can't sleep at night, I can't sleep during the day?

Everything about this has to start from the bed. Everyone knows that bed is the foundation of sleep, the source of rest, no one is standing and sleeping? This also proves the importance of the bed. But everyone ignored a small detail, we are sleeping in bed, but you sleep in a naked bed? No, the bed is just a "media", we actually sleep on the mattress.

This is why so many people are insomnia and can't sleep. Because their mattresses are not selected, affecting the quality of sleep, the importance of mattresses to sleep. So what harm can you bring to sleep with a bad mattress?

Inferior mattress hazard:
1. Formaldehyde exceeds the standard. Do not think that only furniture products will have formaldehyde, and mattresses will also have a risk of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Inferior mattresses use coir or mountain brown as a cushioning material. Brown is soft in the production process, but in order to improve the hardness and strength, the manufacturer will add a large amount of adhesive, which will cause formaldehyde to be released from it.
2. Poor gas permeability. In addition to providing comfort, mattresses also require breathability so that bacteria do not breed. On the contrary, if the air permeability is poor, the sweat of the human body will penetrate into the mattress, and the mattress cannot have sufficient air permeability. Over time, it will "feed back" to the body, which will bring certain harm to health.
3. The collapse is serious. Collapse is another manifestation of poor quality. Inferior mattresses have poor resilience. When you sleep for a long time in a place, it will cause collapse. If you fall asleep, your body will fall into it. In the long run, the corresponding body parts will be sore.