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The mattress uses the big misunderstanding of five, are you all "in the middle"?

hya hya.com 2019-01-03 14:07:53

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Since the official mattress entered the Chinese market, the rumors about the mattress are really strange, like "the mattress is our closest partner, the longest time to accompany us", to "children and the elderly should sleep hard bed" Furthermore, "the mattress can be used for more than ten years without replacement" and so on. In daily life, we always use mattresses according to our own habits. Although those little habits have no effect on ourselves, for mattresses that can only stay in one place, it may affect their life and The use of effects, which in turn affects the quality of sleep... In the face of countless various theories about mattresses, which one is correct?

1. Sleep directly on the "naked" mattress
Some people will sleep directly on the mattress in order to save the trouble of laying and washing sheets. As everyone knows, this will cause the body to shed about 500ml of water every night during sleep, and nearly 1.5 million dandruff cells metabolized every night are directly absorbed by the mattress. Over time, it will penetrate into the bed from the outside to the inside. In the mat, the contaminated mattress makes it a hotbed of mites and bacteria. Going in affects the health of the human body.

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2. The more expensive the mattress, the better?
Many people have bought a mattress and walked into a misunderstanding. They think that the expensive one is good. In fact, the manufacturing process of the mattress is not very complicated. You can buy a better mattress at a price of more than a thousand. And those three or four thousand, five or six thousand mattresses are bought by brands, and the price of merchants is too high for profit. Most of the mattresses use spring, foam, and latex natural materials, and the hardness, durability, and breathability of different materials have their own advantages. Although the more expensive the material, the better, but not so outrageous, and expensive mattresses may not be right for you. Choose a mattress, mainly to choose the right one for you, it is best to "tailor-made", rather than the more expensive.

3. The mattress is never clean
The mattress is like our quilt cover, and it is cleaned at intervals. If you never clean the mattress, then one night "2 million locusts sleep with you" is not an alarmist. After all, one locust can become 300 in 3 months. Especially on mattresses that have not been cleaned for a long time, or children's urine, spilled drinks, and side leakage of aunts, etc., provide favorable conditions for the growth of bacterial aphids. (Waterproof  membrane manufacturer china

4. The new mattress does not tear off the packaging film and is used directly.
Newly purchased mattresses usually have a packaging film to ensure that they are not contaminated during transportation. Many consumers feel that it is a pity that the mattresses that have been bought at a large price are dirty. "The packaging film not only prevents the mites from breeding, but also prevents moisture and moisture." Actually, the mattress covers the packaging film. Not breathable, it is easier to get tidal, mildew, and even stink.

5. Children and the elderly must sleep hard mattresses
Many parents think that children must sleep hard mattresses, and then directly buy mattresses with a lot of hardness. In fact, the mattresses of this kind of children sleep very uncomfortably, and also affect the growth and delivery of children, especially The problem of spinal deformity. The elderly are also the same.