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Sewing thread

hya hya.net 2018-01-09 22:39:44
Sewing thread 

Sewing thread is the thread required for knitting clothing products. The sewing thread can be divided into three categories: natural fiber, synthetic fiber sewing thread and mixed sewing thread according to raw materials. With the development of polyester industry, more and more pure polyester fibers are used as raw materials for sewing threads.

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber with excellent quality. The stitches used for it are of high strength. It is the only second place in all kinds of sutures after nylon line, and it will not reduce strength when wet. Its shrinkage is very small, and the shrinkage is less than 1% after proper stereotyping, so the stitch stitch can always be smooth and beautiful, without shrinkage. Wear resistance is second only to polyamide. Low moisture regain, good temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, light resistance and water resistance. 
Therefore, polyester line is a very wide variety of varieties, in many occasions, replaced the cotton sewing thread. Polyester wire is widely used, it can be used in the sewing of cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabric and blended fabric, and can also be used for sewing knitted garments. Special polyester line is also a fine line for shoe and hat leather industry.

Polyester is also called high-strength yarn and nylon sewing thread, called nylon line. We usually call it "Pearl Line". Polyester sewing thread is made of polyester long fiber or short fiber, wearable, low shrinkage and chemical stability. But the low melting point, high speed, easy to melt plug needle, easy to break, polyester line because of its high intensity, good abrasion resistance, low shrinkage, moisture absorption and good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to rot, not moth is widely used in cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabric sewing in. In addition, it also has the features of full color, good color fastness, no fading, no discoloration, and sun resistance, etc.

The difference between polyester sewing thread and nylon sewing thread is that the ignition of polyester fiber is black and black, and the smell is not heavy and elastic. The ignition of nylon sewing thread is also lump, white smoke and elastic smell. High wear resistance, good light resistance, mildew proof, coloring degree about 100 degrees, low temperature dyeing. Because of its high strength, durable, seam seam procumbent, to serve a wide variety of sewing industrial products have been widely used.

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