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Quilt cleaning method

hya hya.com 2018-09-18 15:08:15

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The quilt is light and soft when used, but many quilts will stick to a certain degree of stain after a long period of use, and may become hard and yellow. Seeing that it is autumn, it is a good time to prepare for the winter quilt, just take the quilt out and clean it. How to clean the quilt should be a headache for most people at home.

How to wash cotton quilts

First, we started with the most common and thickest cotton. Cotton is designed to reduce the trouble of subsequent cleaning, and it is best to put on a suitable quilt when using it. After using for a period of time, it is most convenient to be cleaned by the cover. If the quilt is also stained on the core, it can be wiped with a damp cloth mixed with neutral soap, then dried; or partially cleaned with a special cleaner. If the cotton core is hardened, it can be exposed to the sun for six hours. During the exposure process, it can be beaten and turned over.

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How to wash the quilt fiber

The fiber is the easiest to clean in all quilts. The fiber can be washed directly into the washing machine or hand-washed with warm water, but it cannot be dry cleaned. Regardless of the washing method, try to use a mild detergent when washing. Do not use washing powder. The washing time should not be too long, about 30 minutes. The hand-washed fiber can be dehydrated by a washing machine, and dried thoroughly after washing, otherwise it is prone to mold and insects.

How to wash the duvet

The duvet is popular among the public for its lightness and warmth. It is best to put on the quilt when using the duvet, which can reduce the burden of cleaning. The duvet should not be cleaned frequently. Cleaning too often will destroy the characteristics of the feather. The fabric of the duvet will be treated with anti-velvet treatment. The washing will reduce the anti-velvet effect of the fabric, so the duvet can be cleaned once every 2-3 years. The duvet can be sent to a special shop for cleaning, and when it is delivered, it should be rinsed with a neutral detergent or a special feather cleaner.

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How to wash cotton quilts

Silk is washed more carefully, can not be washed, can not be dry-cleaned, washing will cause shrinkage, dry cleaning will destroy the amino acid structure. If the silk is stained, it is recommended to use a detergent for local cleaning and then air dry in a well ventilated area. The material of the silk quilt is special, it can't be bleached, and it can't be exposed to high temperature. The storage area of the silk quilt should be dry and free of mothballs. Do not press it on top.