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Little knowledge about magnetic mattresses

hya hya.com 2018-09-14 14:47:52

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Introduction of magnetic mattress

Magnetic mattress is a kind of mattress popular in the world. When the human body sleeps on a magnetic mattress, the magnetic mattress can comfortably and evenly contact the whole body, and at the same time, the magnet inside the mattress and the blood contained in the human body Iron elements act to produce a massage effect that helps the body improve sleep quality. The magnetic mattress mattress improves the physiological and biochemical processes of the tissue cells by affecting the current distribution of the human body, so the effect of the magnetic mattress is not magical, and it is not as strong as the advocacy of the advertisement.

The role of magnetic mattress

Magnetic mattresses are generally used as an auxiliary treatment. Although magnetic has the effects of analgesia, swelling, and anti-inflammatory, the use of magnetic therapy mattresses on the market to treat diseases is exaggerated. Everyone should calmly judge. Magnetic mattresses mainly use tourmaline as a material. This is a polar crystal with a DC current. It has a current of 0.06 mA which is consistent with the body's own current. A good magnetic mattress helps the body to regulate, but different body qualities are different, and the same mattress effect is not necessarily the same.

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Does the magnetic mattress have side effects?

The physiotherapy effect of the magnetic mattress attracts many people to stop and buy, but the side effects it may cause keep everyone watching. Magnetic mattresses still have side effects. Some poor quality magnetic therapy mattresses cause long-term contact, which can cause fatigue, lethargy, and accelerated apoptosis of cells. Therefore, the purchase of magnetic therapy mattresses should be careful. Some doctors also understand magnetic therapy mattresses. You can ask questions before purchasing, and after purchasing them, you can purchase them on your own terms.

How to do with magnetic mattress(Mattress fabric wholesales china)

What about the smell of a magnetic mattress, first we have to know why there is a taste. The first reason is that because the manufacturer uses materials that are not good, such as formaldehyde exceeding the standard, etc., this situation can be exchanged for the merchant; the other case is that the mattress has not been cleaned for a long time, and the odor caused by moisture and mildew. In the second case, we can periodically flip the mattress or reverse the first position, so that the mattress is evenly ventilated and balanced.