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More reasons for mildew in the mattress

hya hya.com 2018-07-31 11:42:07

Mattress fabric manufacturer China

The mildew of the mattress is more common in life. The mold is not unsanitary on the mattress, and it is easy to cause some diseases in human health. The traditional idea is that the environment in the home is too humid, causing mildew in the mattress, but in addition to the humid environment, there are other factors that have a combined effect.

1. Reason for mattress material
(1) Brown mattress
The brown mattress is made of natural plant fiber. The plant fiber itself carries microorganisms such as fungi. It is not processed well in the processing, so that the strain directly reaches the inside of the mattress, waiting for the right timing and good conditions to catalyze the bacteria. The kind of 'germination' grows and forms mold. At this point, the mattress manufacturer has an unshirkable responsibility, and the quality of the selected material itself is not good.
(2) Sponge (Mattress cover fabric wholesales)
Sponge is an industrial product. Because it is cheap and easy to obtain, it is widely used in the manufacture of sofas and mattresses, and becomes a filling for making mattresses. The disadvantage of the sponge is that it absorbs moisture and has strong water absorption. When the humidity in the air increases, the phenomenon of resurgence of the sponge is serious, which may easily lead to moisture resurgence inside the mattress. Moreover, the breathability is not good, it is not easy to discharge the hot air emitted by the human body, causing certain damage to the human body, so it is best not to buy a sponge mattress.

2. Reason for mattress maintenance
The mattress is moldy, and half of the reason is due to the fact that the consumer does not maintain the mattress or maintain the mattress incorrectly. Newly purchased mattresses should be regularly maintained after a period of use. Not only that, but also the correct way to maintain the mattress can be found to extend the life of the mattress.
(1) Periodically flip the mattress, use the mattress for about three to four months, and adjust the spring mattress regularly to turn it over, so that the mat surface is evenly stressed and prolongs the service life.
(2) Choosing the right bed, the bed plays a decisive role in the ventilation of the mattress. It is recommended to choose the rib bone bed to help the inside of the mattress to breathe and prevent bacteria from growing inside the mattress. (China Mattress cover supplier)
(3) Do not use the tight bed cover when using, so as not to block the vent hole of the mattress, the air in the mattress can not be circulated, and the bacteria can be caused. The bed cover not only absorbs sweat and absorbs moisture, but also is dust-proof and clean.
(4) The bedroom should be ventilated frequently. Be careful to keep the environment ventilated and dry to avoid moisture in the mattress.