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DIY sofa slip covers,you can do it ! (part 2)

richmor richmor.net 2017-12-13 14:31:37
(part 2)

Next is to see if it's possible for your sofa. If it's not, try and incorporate what you like in the pattern in your sofa pattern. After all, it's your sofa! As you can see from my introduction picture, I wanted a sofa with a skirt and piping. Yes, all the trimmings! And I have never made a piping in my life! So yes, YOU Can DO IT.

There are 2 methods you can go about for the fabric. If you have only 1 sofa and don't care about waste of fabric, Go ahead and buy a large fabric and drape over your chair and start pinning and cutting.

In my case I have 11 pieces. I can't afford to be that luxuriously wasteful.

So I measured and then bought an approximate amount ( moving toward the excess approximate amount!) Always buy more as you have to wash the fabric before you start to cut as some fabrics shrink. In my case the width shrunk about 3", Not sure of the length.

The first thing you need to do is measure your sofa. Check out the sections it has and measure and mark in paper. For some parts you would need a block to make life easier. Do not be intimidated! It is actually much easier than writing this instructable! lol!!

Below is an example of how I went about mine. Each sofa is different, so shapes would be different, but going about it is the same way!

Back rest - For my back rest, I pushed the tape right in to the crevices and then went all the way over and down to the flow. Then measure the width. In some sofa the width might be different at different levels. take the widest measurement ( this rule was applied when measuring my corner sofa as the back of the BR was wider than the front of the BR)

Arm rest - Again right in to the crevices and then all the way to the floor. Measure the width too.

Arm rest front panel- I kept a board and drew the shape. The reason the panel doesn't go all the way down is because I wanted a skirt for that part too.

Arm rest back panel  - Again keep a board and draw and cut the shape. Here I took the full length.

Seat.- Push tape into the crevices, down to where you want your seat to end and attach to the skirt. Measure across too. Do the same to measure the width of the seat to.

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