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Let me show you the mattress-connecting spring

hya hya.net 2017-12-14 13:00:20
Let me show you the mattress-connecting spring

The mattress is a necessary household appliance for every family. With the improvement of the quality of life, the degree of attention to sleep is also rising, which is embodied in the bed, mattress and sleep environment. The importance of the mattress as a direct contact with the body, and the longest contact, is self-evident.

Today, around a variety of common mattress material introduction, contains the following several aspects: the history of a word; the support; the other; the air; the environmental protection; the durability of the 8; anti disturbance; noise; 9 Price
Connecting Spring

A word of history: the connecting spring is the oldest form of spring mattress. In 1871, the German Heinrich Westphal invented the world's first spring mattress.

Support: due to the narrower structure of the middle spring, B can not provide support in time when the pressure is acting on it, but it can provide better feedback after compression.

Fit: C this type of spring usually chooses coarser steel to ensure the service life, so the sense of sleep is hard.

Air permeability: A+ spring material does not have air permeability.

Environmental protection: A metal materials are less environmentally friendly.

Durability: D, due to the shape of the narrow spring in the middle, is a weakness in the middle, and is easy to get aging.

Anti-interference: D+ spring interconnected structure, to a large extent can not guarantee the independence of the sleeper.

Noise: the problem of D aging noise is relatively prominent.

Price: A, because of its low cost, low production difficulty, often appeared in the introductory mattress, and the price is usually not high.

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