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DIY sofa slip covers,you can do it ! (part 3)

hya hya.net 2017-12-15 17:39:25
 (part 3)

First cut all the panels. If you fabric has a right and wrong side remember that, the BRSP will have to have panels cut with fabric folded either right side facing together or wrong side facing together. Leave sewing allowance all around. My fabric was hand-loom (didn't have a wrong side) and a bit stretchy. So I actully didn't have to keep much fabric but I stll kept 3/4" all around. I wanted to be safe as I was a newbie still.

Cut all the rest of the panels of the sofa such as the arm rest, back rest, seat and skirt.Now you might be left with some strips. You can use these strips to make your piping.
Piping gives sofas and cushions a nice professional clean and neat look. It's easy to do if you have the zipper foot.

Once you have cut all you fabric according to the measurements you can use the balance fabric for the piping. Cut the fabric into 2" or 1.5" strips. Join them together making a long strip.

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There are 2 ways of joining the fabric.

The 1st method is the right one and best for thick fabric. The second is the lazy and easy method and is fine if the fabric is not thick.

Method 1 - take the 2 strips to be joined. Place them right side together in a right angle. Sew a diagonally in a 45 degree angle (here perfection is not necessary). Cut off excess fabric. Now open up and press the folds down on either side. Please check picture for reference. 

This way when doing the piping the joint will not be thick as the edges will be distributed.

Here is basically the lazy method where you simple do a straight stick joining both fabrics with right side together. This is not great for thick fabric as at the joint you will be sewing 4 layers of fabric making it very thick.

Once you have joined all your fabric for the piping it time to make the piping.
Change your machine foot to the zipper foot. Now place your cord in the center of the wrong side of the piping. Fold it and pin. Place your zipper foot right at the edge of the cord and sew away. I was thrilled to see how neat the piping came out.

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