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For new parents: How to choose the baby's bedding

hya hya.net 2017-12-18 16:15:25
For new parents: 
How to choose the baby's bedding

When baby is younger, the time spent in bed is longer. So it is necessary for the baby's mom  to create the best comfortable  sleep conditions for her baby.

baby bed
The safe and comfortable  small bed is related to the healthy growth of  baby. Generally speaking, the height of the guardrail around the baby bed should be around 60cm, and the gap of the guardrail should not be greater than 6 cm. It is better to have a side guardrail, which is movable. It is convenient for  mother to hold the baby or to connect with the big bed.

Newborn babies sleep in a baby cradle, 3 months later, taking into account the baby's bone development, try to let the baby to sleep in a little bed, which is conducive to the development of bone and spine. The size of the mattress should be roughly the same size as the bed. Prevent the baby's arm, leg, or head from falling into the edge of the gap.

Cotton texture: small quilt is an important item of the baby warm, and Bedtick should choose cotton fabric, give the baby warm and comfortable sleeping space.

Keep warm: the new baby's temperature control is not mature, must pay extra attention to warm, often touch bare skin, determine whether to add or reduce the quilt.

Keep clean: should pay attention to keep the bedding clean, every week at least 2 times per month and drying, at least 2 to 4 times. The thickness of the bedding should be changed in time with the variation of the season and the temperature change in the room.

To prevent catching cold: mom must work hard at night. If the baby is pedaling, it should be covered in time to prevent the baby from catching cold. It can also choose a convenient and practical sleeping bag, which keeps warm and prevents the baby from kicking the quilt.

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