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How to buy mattresses at diffrernt prices?

hya hya.net 2017-12-12 19:17:55
How to buy mattresses at diffrernt prices?

The direct cost of the mattress is mainly reflected in the material price difference, but the actual price will be influenced by many factors, such as the brand premium, the indirect cost and so on. From the perspective of mattress selection, the actual cost of mattress is the most important concern for us, which directly affects the quality of materials. There are two major categories of main mattress materials, spring and sponges.

Mattress material is very complex, but there is a bit better, that is, in most cases, the more expensive the better, otherwise it will not be eliminated.

There are three major types of spongy materials: polyurethane foam (also known as sponges), memory sponges, latex. Each kind of sponge material has many branches, but eventually, beware of excessive publicity.

It is important to note that the life span of the mattress is approximately 7~15 years or so, which is an objective conclusion from the angle of material aging. The warranty doesn't make any sense. The mattress is hard to damage, but the degree of aging determines that it is no longer competent. So when you buy a mattress, try to determine your budget according to the 7~15 year's standard.

0~2000 at the price of the mattress mainly consider the environmental protection, try to choose the more hard style.

The price of 2000~5000 mainly considers the spring mattress made in China or IKEA, and the IKEA foam mattress is also available.

5000~8000 is still the main consideration of domestic brand mattress, do not consider the imported brand of domestic style.

More than 8000 of the foreign brands as far as possible, more recommended foam mattresses.

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