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Living room decoration notes

hya hya.com 2018-05-10 20:01:42
Living room decoration notes 

The living room is the center of activity. The space must not be narrow, otherwise the whole house will look very small. When designing, we must create a spacious visual effect. In a spacious space, the entire body and mind is also more comfortable. 

The living room should not only pay attention to its practicality, but also consider its decorativeness in the decoration. It is very important to shape the overall perception. Especially when it is used for ceiling decoration, its height is critical and it needs to ensure the visual height of space. Row. 

The living room is a common area in the home. Generally, it is an open design. It can basically connect various functional spaces. At this time, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the walking activities. Generally, the layout problem must be considered during the layout. Side through the design, it can also be the middle of the cross-type design, it is best to make the channel straight, do not have shelter. 

If you want to make the living room more beautiful, the indoor landscape needs to be well-matched. Any decoration must be designed rationally. It is best to look at the living room no matter from which angle it is beautiful. Among them, the color and style of the sofa should be well matched. The decoration of the TV background wall should be simple and atmospheric. Do not arrange artificial flowers and fake grass in the living room. The meaning is not good. It would rather spend more time on plant management. 

The living room should be generous, transparent, and bright, so this will require more lighting and lighting in the living room. Therefore, the windows are preferably designed as floor-to-ceiling windows, which can maximize the natural light. For lighting, it needs to be combined with a variety of lamps. A bright main light is no less. 

The design of the living room is best not to behave too personally. The alternative decoration style is not appreciated by all. I believe that everyone does not want to see their living room decorated by many friends, guests pointing or criticizing, even Doubt your aesthetic problem, so it is best to decorate the style that most people can accept. 

The living room belongs to the public space in the home, so its decoration materials and furniture can be suitable for each member of the home, especially the floor material, too smooth tiles are harmful to the elderly, children, and furniture. The size also has to take into account the convenience of everyone.

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