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Is your quilt "out of date"?

hya hya.com 2018-11-23 14:56:10

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Has entered the winter, believed everybody has begun to use the winter to be, however when you will receive the winter of half an year to be taken out, did you discover him to become thinner? Harden? Not as fluffy as it used to be? Remember these are about to pass the symptom of warm season!

1. Cotton is traded every five years
Quilt cold as iron for many years, du fu began to complain about quilt more than a thousand years ago. Cotton hygroscopicity is good, poor moisture drainage, so it is easy to knot the board and affect the unkempt degree. Although often bask in quilt, but the moisture that accumulates for a long time and the oppression of use process, can make quilt harder and harder, affect heat preservation thereby.

2. Chemical fibers are changed every three years
Chemical fiber is made by petroleum refining. In the process of carding and cotton making, because there is no binding force between the fibers, the fibers will naturally shrink with the increase of service life, resulting in no cotton at the corners and edges. Moreover, after several rounds of vacuum compression, the elasticity of fiber compression decreases significantly, and the quilt is no longer warm.

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3. Wool is changed every five years
Wool is not washed, easy to shrink; Do not dry clean, easy to damage the fiber; Do not insolate, can make wool stink; Therefore, wool is generally recommended to be dried in a ventilated place. Because of its good moisture absorption and poor moisture dissipation, it is easy to form a board. Therefore, it is easy to reduce the thermal insulation value if it is used for too long.

4. Silk has been refurbished for ten years
Silkworm silk is enough because fiber is long, the silk tire that manual pulls makes can maintain fleeciness and not be out of shape for a long time, the time that USES accordingly is longer, if maintain proper, can use longer. But do not use vacuum compression bag storage, do not insolate, keep dry, or easy to reduce the service life oh.

5. The duvet was refurbished for ten years.
The principle of the special structure of the down inside the duvet makes it more durable; Duvets last longer than all quilts because they are washable and cleaner. But down quilt must pay attention to: do not damage the fabric, as far as possible to reduce the number of washing, avoid drilling down.

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