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Is the latex mattress good?

hya hya.net 2018-01-15 22:06:24
Is the latex mattress good?

According to medical data, 12%-16% has allergy. 25% of the patients are caused by dust mites in the family, and asthma patients account for more than 90%. The mattress, especially the poor mattress, is the easiest place to perch with dust mites. People spend almost 1/3 of their life in bed, so it can be seen that dust mites are self - evident to the human body.

The latex mattress has antibacterial and anti mite effects, effectively preventing all kinds of diseases caused by mattress dust mites, which is one of the reasons why latex mattresses can be popular. Of course, it also has some shortcomings, the following Yu Yan on the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses and advantages and disadvantages to do the following evaluation, see you suitable for the use of latex mattresses?

Ergonomic design of nine partition design, according to the head, neck, shoulder, ribs, waist, hip, spine tail, leg and foot force distribution and the design of spring mattress, body curve tightly, the protection of human spine, effectively correct the bad position, ergonomic and natural ecological system to help the body to sleep. Go to sleep quickly, reducing the times of turning over, extending deep sleep, improve sleep quality.

Noise independent pocket spring tube, each spring independent operation and support, stretching alone is not easy to turn over, partner affects deep sleep of another, can ensure a comfortable sleep no noise, no vibration, drag force, promote the role of sleep, improve sleep quality sleep. 

The elastic latex mattress made of natural latex has no harmful substances and has better elasticity. It is suitable for people of different weight. The better supporting force can accommodate all sleeping positions of sleeper. The contact area of latex mattress is much larger than that of ordinary mattress, and it can disperse the bearing capacity of human body to all parts, and has the function of correcting bad sleeping posture. The latex mattress is soft and hard, not easy to deform, emanating natural latex fragrance, effectively helping the body sleep and improving the quality of sleep.

The resilience of the special foam, durable and elasticity, mattress shape can keep long and not deformation, and easy to clean, not easy to dust, cleaning and dewatering machine and electric fan does not work after the deformation of the oven, keep clean and make a clean and dry environment for human sleep. A healthy sleep.

Bactericidal latex mattresses will send out natural flavors to prevent mosquitoes from approaching, and have a certain effect on mosquito repelling mosquitoes. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, and greatly benefit people who are deeply affected by asthma and allergic rhinitis and other respiratory system diseases. It has a certain preventive effect on skin allergy and bronchitis and other diseases.

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