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How to identify the quality of the mattress

hya hya.com 2018-08-09 10:43:20

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(1) How to identify the quality of latex mattresses
Latex mattresses are one of the most familiar types of mattresses. Latex mattresses are more precious, so it is difficult to buy a more authentic latex mattress on the market. How to identify the quality of latex mattresses?

First of all, smelling, a high-quality latex mattress is made with a pure natural latex foaming process, and the latex mattress has a light creamy flavor, so the inferior latex mattress will not have this taste. The second is to touch the hand, high-quality latex mattress, the feel is delicate and smooth, the inferior latex mattress is dull and rough. Finally, you can also observe the venting holes of the latex mattress. The venting holes in the latex mattress are naturally fermented and the pores are densely packed.

(2) How to identify the quality of brown mattresses
How to identify mattresses such as brown mattresses, first of all to distinguish the authenticity of the filler, there are many businesses to sell red brown as coconut palm, this should be noted. Secondly, look at the work of the brown mattress fabric. The high-quality fabric has the same quilt tightness, no obvious wrinkles, comfortable hand feeling, soft and delicate. Look at the product logo of the mattress. The general mattress will have detailed mattress information, including address, contact information, quality, etc.

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(3) How to identify the quality of spring mattress
For the purchase of spring mattresses with mattress springs, how to identify the quality of this spring mattress, first test the mattress spring, press the mattress by hand, listen to the sound inside the mattress, lie in the bed On the mat, listen carefully when turning over, whether there is a sound involved. In the above situation, it can be judged that the inner spring of this mattress has been rusted or deformed.
Secondly, test the mattress soft and hard, buy a spring mattress, you should try to lie and flip in various postures, feel the support of the mattress to the spine and whether it can make the spine get a good, even support, feel the softness of the mattress .

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(4) How to identify the quality of memory foam mattress
How to identify the quality of memory foam? Memory foam has good temperature sensitivity and slow resilience. It is a memory foam mattress. It is directly pressed by hand to observe the time required for the memory cotton to return to its original state. Generally, the best rebound. The time is around 5 seconds. The memory foam mattress will also become soft and hard as the temperature changes. The authentic memory foam mattress is similar to the general sponge material.