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Common elderly mattress

hya hya.com 2018-08-10 10:12:57

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1. Practical brown mattress
Some families give mattresses for plant fibers that like to buy brown mattresses for the elderly. The mattress has a hard texture and strong support for the human body. The elderly turn over easily and the body is excellently relaxed. It has good gas permeability and hygroscopicity, and effectively excretes the hot air emitted by the human body. Brown mattresses are moderately priced and not too irritating to the human body. It can be said that the brown mattress is more suitable for the elderly to rest.

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2. Classic hard bed
Some families with average economic conditions have more elderly people sleeping on hard beds. They put a layer of cotton wool on the hard board to ensure the comfort of the mattress. They can also effectively support the human body. Although it is not as comfortable as a soft mattress, it can be avoided. Back pain and other phenomena. However, the drawback of this kind of hard board is that the air permeability is not strong, and the paved cotton wadding is easy to get wet and breed bacteria. It is not recommended to choose this type of sleep.

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3. Health mattress
Health mattresses are available in a wide variety of markets, and the quality and price of mattresses are different. The most common types of health mattresses are jade mattresses, vermiculite mattresses, tourmaline mattresses, and negative ion mattresses. These health mattresses are still helpful for the health of the elderly. However, such a health care mattress can not be too superstitious that it has a therapeutic effect, and can only alleviate the symptoms of certain pains. Secondly, the quality of the health care mattress is uneven, and it is recommended to choose a regular channel to purchase.