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How to decorate your gift

hya hya.net 2018-01-03 23:49:00
How to decorate your gift

Gifts are articles in social interaction, in order to express blessing and intention or to show friendliness, and to give each other to each other. Is the gift giver to transmit information, the recipient of emotion, a carrier of intention. It is usually a gift from one person to another for the purpose of pleasing each other, or expressing goodwill and respect. 

Gifts are also used to celebrate festivals or important days, such as roses or birthday gifts for Valentine's day. Gifts can also be immaterial, "the ancient Chinese sent thousands of miles goose, courtesy light weight friendship", said the value of the gift giver is kindness and mind, rather than the value of the gift itself. The gift does not need to be too expensive, as long as the expression of the heart can be.

1. the wrapping paper is cut and grown by +2~3 cm around the box, the width of the box is +3 cm wide, and the bottom of the box is placed upwards in the center of the paper.
2. fold the right side of the paper into the box and keep the edge of the paper in the center of the box.
3. then fold the paper on the left.
4. use transparent glue or double sided tape to fix the overlap of paper
5. both sides of the paper are folded inward along the box.
6. in accordance with the order, put the paper into a beautiful ladder
7. lightly mark the handover at the upper and lower fold of paper
8. keep the mark parallel to the edge, fold the paper below
9. use double sided tape or a beautiful sticker to fix the joint, then wrap it on the other side, turn it to the front of the box, and finish it with a ribbon or flower.

Silk ribbon
1. strike a knot between the two ends of the ribbon
2. hold the middle position with your hand, and turn the silk on the right side into a circle.
3. the left side of the ribbon from above the fold, press down with your right thumb
4. from the top of the right ribbon circle, and then through the left ribbon around the circle.
5. the ribbon circle on the right side is placed on the left, and the ribbon around the left side of the ribbon is tightened on the right side.
6. trim the ends of the ribbon into a like shape, and the bow is done.

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