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Home color matching

hya hya.com 2018-06-06 15:34:54

Home color matching is actually home color matching, color matching is the first element of home decoration. When considering to dress up and love your family, you need to have an overall color scheme from the beginning to determine the choice of furnishings, furnishings and home accessories. If you can use color harmony, you can decorate your home as you like. These are inseparable from the basic color scheme. Basic coloring is tricky, let's say orange! In the impression, orange is a very overbearing, hard-to-please color. So if the orange and blue lines match, you can match the visual experience of surreal and retro flavors.

These two color systems originally belong to a strong contrasting color system, so long as there is a slight change in the color of the two sides, let these two colors give space a new life. So the color must be moderate.

In addition home color matching should also follow the following points:

1, space color matching shall not exceed three, including white, black is not color.

2, gold, silver can match any color. Gold does not include yellow, silver does not include gray.

3, home color matching in the absence of a designer under the guidance of the best color shades of gray: the wall is shallow, in the ground, deep furniture.

4, the kitchen does not use warm colors, except the yellow color system.

5, do not dark green tiles. 

6, do not put different materials but the same color materials together. Otherwise, you will have half the chance to make mistakes!

7, want to create a bright and modern home taste, then you should not use those printed big flowers and small things (except plants), try to use plain design.

8. The color of the ceiling must be lighter than or the same color as the wall. When the color of the wall is dark, the ceiling must be light colored. The color of the ceiling can only be white or the same color as the wall.

9. Spaces that are not normally closed must use the same color scheme. Different enclosed spaces can use different color schemes.

10. If this "law" is used outside the home, 90% may be wrong!