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German doctors said: Hard bed kills people

hya hya.com 2018-11-09 14:19:00

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German doctors said: Why do Chinese patients with cervical spondylosis now many times more than those abroad?  Is it because of mobile phones and electronic products?  Why are there far fewer patients with cervical spondylosis in foreign countries where electronic products are more popular than in China?  Cervical spondylosis is not a trivial matter. I met several patients before. I just felt sore neck and didn't take cervical spondylosis seriously. As a result, I accidentally fell down on foot and suddenly got paraplegia.

Sleeping in a hard bed will not benefit the cervical spine
Is it right to sleep on a hard bed?  No human body is flat, and no one can always maintain a posture on a hard bed.  Sleeping on a hard bed, we can only keep turning over to maintain the smooth blood flow. Lumbar diseases can not be good and will seriously affect the quality of sleep.

Side sleep is not the best posture (Printing warp knitted fabric supplier
The " lying like a bow" that has been circulating for thousands of years is that there was only a hard bed in that era!  The human body cannot lie on its back in a hard bed and can only sleep on its side most of the time. The cardiologist always said that sleeping on the right side can protect the heart, and over time it was considered correct.

However, the human body is a whole!  On the left there is a heart, but on the right there is a liver. The blood circulation is blocked due to pressure. What can I do if I can't expel toxin?  Over time, liver pain and nerve damage can not feel some symptoms of pain, often leading to unpredictable consequences.

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