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Custom army hit, finished furniture out?

hya hya.com 2018-05-07 15:14:00
Custom army hit, finished furniture out? 

For finished furniture companies, home customization makes people "chilling". The reason why it is terrible is that the bottom line is that the product design research and development of the finished furniture company is most proud. This is the idea of ​​product development will be completely different. Custom furniture companies generally follow such a routine, and some have already appeared, and some have not yet surfaced, but they are already quietly laying out. 

The first step is to first customize and cut the market for large cabinets, mainly cabinets and wardrobes, followed by bookcases and living room cabinets.

In the second step, the successful occupation of the cabinet category achieves interception and targets all categories of the whole house in order to increase the customer unit price and increase the market share. Because the finished furniture of these companies does not have an advantage, the slogan of "custom house customization" has been called out. Although this is a kind of swearing, it can take advantage of the momentum and influence. In fact, whether or not the objection has been effective achieve.

The third step, although the second step is not far away, but the success of the second step can win a buffer time to calmly thinking, layout, trial and error and pave the way for the latter. And this is the most terrible thing for a traditionally finished furniture company that sleeps.

In front of these terrible and uneasy, many companies have consciously or unconsciously approached customization, but it is clear that the transformation of a finished furniture company into custom production is very difficult, whether it is in equipment, technology, products, or operations, markets, and management. .

So where is the future of finished furniture? Is it based on an acre of three points? Or cross-border integration toward customization?

The original situation

In fact, custom homes are not new, nor do they emerge in recent years. Their sales with finished furniture products are complementary to the market.

Previously, home customization was more based on cabinets and wardrobes, including the well-known custom home brands on the market. Although the custom slogan of the whole house has been played, the primary and secondary orders are equally obvious. For furniture, especially in the suite furniture. The grasp is obviously different from that of traditional finished furniture companies. 

Custom homes as emerging markets have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. The development momentum has been called in the large home industry to open up the blue ocean market, setting off a custom trend in the furniture industry, and companies have begun to try to start from the hotel project customization and gradually move toward civilian customization. .

In recent years, some well-known and powerful brand enterprises in the furniture industry have started to launch customizations, and even the main business has shifted to home customization and whole house customization. From the early stage of putting forward the concept of large homes and homes, sofa companies launched suites, restaurants and other products, suite furniture companies introduced furniture customization, and some powerful brand companies directly added cabinets, wardrobe production lines, and customized house slogans. The trend of the stock market

In fact, the trend of this era of Liaoyuan depends to a large extent on the difference between the design of custom home furniture and finished furniture. This is reflected in three aspects: first, the satisfaction of basic product needs; second, the satisfaction of space requirements, including the need for spatial structure such as storage; and third, the satisfaction of lifestyle needs.

So, what is the market demand for customized home product cores? In fact, no matter what the category is, or whether it is in any new way, the ultimate core demand is the pursuit of a beautiful home life by the people.

For example, we are now focusing on the design of custom homes, the core of which is the highlighting of individuality, as well as the demonstration of practicality and space utilization. It turned out that many companies do finished furniture design is the difference between the furniture itself and the value of the furniture itself; now, many companies do space packaging is to do a lifestyle. Customizing people’s lifestyles will naturally smooth business development.

Obviously, this is a difficult task for finished furniture.

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