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Hardcover room swept across, furniture companies how to fly?

chipstores chipstores.com 2018-05-07 17:40:32
Hardcover room swept across, furniture companies how to fly?

The furniture industry has never been lonely, because of this, there are too many new things and new weather, VR, AI, big data, whole house customization... It can be described as one after another. The hard-working room that once again started to make the never-ending furniture industry renewed. The trend of hardcover, wind and rain.

What is fine decoration? It is the completion of the installation of all the functional space in the residential suite, the installation of pipelines and terminals, and the basic facilities of the kitchen and toilet.

The arrival of the era of hardcover houses is a historical trend in which modern people continue to pursue quality of life. It is also an important demand for the development of intensive decoration and the development of green buildings. In the future real estate market, hardcover houses will become the mainstream of development. This view is widely recognized.

With the development of economy and the acceleration of the pace of life, as a convenient and convenient housing model, the refined decoration room has become a killer for real estate developers and has made many sales miracles. More and more homebuyers are willing to accept the relaxed and comfortable lifestyle brought by the well-furnished rooms.

In general, there are several categories of customers who are well-decorated. They generally have a high level of income and knowledge, young people, and long for a free and simple life. These include foreign buyers, or living or investing. In fact, no matter what kind of fine decoration is a good choice, as long as you choose a good location, room type and the environment you can check the package to stay, eliminating the need for sweating to choose the construction team, building materials, home appliances, furniture trouble. 

Then there is the secondary home buyers, the decoration of the pain, the decoration of the tired, only the people who have been renovated can understand. So in the second purchase, everything is entrusted to the real estate developer. Then there are those who are busy with work. They fight in the corner of the city every day. They are struggling to deal with various issues. After experiencing multiple choices such as site selection, household selection, brand selection, and property selection, they may not have the energy to go. The renovation of the tube is the reason why the fine decoration rooms in the Chinese property market are surging.

However, from another point of view, for the furniture industry that has a relationship with real estate, the appearance of hardcover rooms is obviously a punch, because if the consumers buy the house is already renovated, and even a lot of houses The furniture has been configured, so basically there is no need to buy building materials, decoration construction, and buying furniture. 

Whatever the case, one reality is that the era of hardcover has come a long way. What we should be concerned about is what impact it will have on the relevant chain of the furniture industry. Some of the opinions of the following industry leaders may give us some thought and inspiration.

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