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Collocation of color and color of clothing

hya hya.net 2018-01-05 19:53:55
Collocation of color and color of clothing

In the present colourful world, not every color is suitable for everyone. Everyone has their own choice, so how to choose their own skin color of clothing?

First of all, we should pay attention to the following points:

1, skin ash: the main color of this kind of friend should be blue, green, violet, grey green, ash, deep purple and black. This kind of skin color should not be used in white as clothing and decoration, not very suitable for pink and powder green, other colors can be worn.

2, dark skin: should wear warm color clothes. It is mainly white, light gray, light red and orange. Can also wear black clothes, with light blue color, apricot as auxiliary. Yellow brown or yellow gray face will appear bright, if wearing a green grey clothes, her face will look rosy some. It is not suitable to match with lake blue, deep purple, green and brown.

3, color is dark red, yellow, white or greenish can wear white color clothes, make the skin color and clothing color harmony.  To avoid wearing pink and light green clothing.

4, ruddy complexion: suitable for the micro saturated warm clothing, but also can be used as a light brown yellow, black color decoration, or pearl color to match the color of aerobics. It is not suitable to use violet, bright yellow, light color green, pure white. Because of these colors, it can overtake the red skin. In addition to the cold tone light such as light grey are not appropriate.

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5, color: light green, dark green can choose red or pink dress, also can wear light colored flowers small lines of clothes, to create a healthy and lively feeling. To avoid wearing fresh green, fresh blue, purple or pure red clothing.

6, the yellowish skin is yellow: avoid wearing bright blue and purple clothing, while warm color and light color are more appropriate, and also wear clothes with white bottom, safflower or white bottom. This will make the face color more colorful.

7, mixed color: black and yellow skin can choose light quality such as light beige, light gray, white, color contrast and color clothes to dilute. Avoid wearing black camel, green, etc.. 8, the skin is white: it is not suitable to wear cold hue, otherwise it will highlight the paleness of the face. In general, the color of the skin does not pick up the color of the clothes. It can usually be used in light color clothes such as blue, yellow, light orange, light rose and light green. Wearing red clothes can make the face red. In addition, it can also wear orange, black, violet and so on.

Is a good skin color red, 9 white, and then not strong color to destroy the natural color, choose light color, can be better to set off a born beauty.

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