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analogy to foreign markets: mattress brand concentration is inevitable

hya hya.com 2018-06-28 14:48:49

From a global perspective, the mattress market in developed countries is more mature and the market concentration is very high. The top few brands occupy the vast majority of market share. Take the United States as an example. Brands such as Silkstar, Serta, Simmons, and Emerging Thai Poole account for about 60% of the market. Compared with developed countries, China's mattress market is much less concentrated.

In the past two decades, the concentration of American mattress brands is still in progress. The market share of the top five brands in 1990 was 56.8% in total, and it will reach 68% in 2011.

By comparing the market structure of the mattress industry in China and developed countries, we can see that the market concentration of the mattress industry in China still has a large room for improvement. With the increase of residents' income, the “brand consumption concept” will gradually enter the hearts of people, the brand effect will gradually emerge, the market share will gradually be concentrated in the brand dominant category, and the enterprises with poor brand image, limited technology and financial strength will become more competitive. In a disadvantageous position.