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What mat is used for soft mattresses?

hya hya.com 2018-08-23 14:55:54

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Nowadays, the quality of life of every family has improved. People are more concerned about eating, drinking and living. In terms of comfortable sleep, many people now choose soft mattresses because it is comfortable and can help us more. Good sleep, but summer is here, what kind of mat is suitable for soft mattresses?

Soft mattress - linen

Although the soft mattress is comfortable, there are still some limitations in the mat. The best partner for the soft mattress is undoubtedly similar to the fabric sheet, so there is no need to worry about it breaking or obvious creases. The linen mat replaces the traditional mat, using natural fiber raw materials and Chinese herbal linen to make the mat stretch like a fabric on a soft mattress, moisture-absorbing and breathable, suitable for the elderly and children. Linen is a natural bundle of fibers, with a natural spindle structure and unique pectin. The quality of the beveled hole will cause capillary pores when it comes into contact with the skin. It can open up the absorbed sweat and heat quickly, close it when it is cold, save heat, and the price is reasonable, it can be good for you. select.

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Soft mattress - mahjong mat

The rise of the same thing, there are always things that match it. After the rise of the soft mattress, the mahjong mat came into being. For the soft mattress, the mahjong mat was connected with the fish line to braid the bamboo mahjong hole, so that the mahjong mat was soft and hard, preventing the mat from being broken on the soft mattress. . In addition to its bulkiness, the mahjong mat will be a good match for soft mattresses.

Soft mattress - straw mat

The straw mat is woven with rush, bulrush and mala grass, and its softness is high. Even on a soft mattress, it is not easy to lift or break. The mats generally do not induce allergies, and can be used by both young and old, and the mats are breathable and easy to absorb sweat. The mat temperature can be consistent with the body temperature, and the price is relatively cheap. With soft mattresses, the price is very good. High, so it is ideal for soft mattresses.

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Soft mattress - leather mat

The soft mattress is soft and the leather seat is soft, it is a comfortable one. The leather seat has the function of breathable and sweat-permeable similar to human skin. It is scientifically processed and processed to give it a cool, refreshing, antibacterial, deodorant and long-lasting antibacterial effect, and the softness of the leather mat can also be well superposed with soft mattresses. A good choice, but its price is relatively high, which is an important reason to limit its purchase.