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Type of folding bed

hya hya.net 2017-12-25 15:57:11
Type of folding bed

According to different materials, the folding bed can be divided into the following categories:

A wooden folding bed, a wire folding bed, a canvas folding bed, a sponge mat folding bed, a free folding bed, an electric folding bed.

According to different uses, the folding bed can be divided into the following categories:

Outdoor camping bed, office lunch bed, folding bed, bed fpr  Home Hotel.

If you don't sleep for a while at noon, the energy in the afternoon is really hard to guarantee. In the face of all kinds of office nap beds, there are also many kinds of expensive office nap bed prices. The office lunch break bed has different materials, but it is made of nylon, polyester and other synthetic wear resistant and anti cracking materials. There are some slightly better attention to the head massage.

The office lunch bed is mainly composed of folding bed, which can be divided into wooden folding bed, wire folding bed, multi-function folding bed, folding bed of reclining chair and so on.

The ordinary nylons and polyester fabric office lunch break beds are about 100CNY~~200CNY. The higher grade, the better style and the material, is about 250~~500CNY. The deluxe price can reach 800 or thousands of CNY.
Because the time for noon break is not long, so the requirement for the class of bed break in the office is not high enough. The price of office lunch break is acceptable to all people. You can find your own office lunch break.

If you want to have more rest time, or you want to leave more room for your home, please click on the link under the picture and browse our company's products.

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