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Structure Analysis: In-depth understanding of the internal spring mattress

hya hya.com 2018-06-22 20:56:06

Spring mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses in the market today. Their price is moderate and their quality is better. For high-quality spring mattress is generally embodied in the moderate hardness of the mattress, can even support different weight groups, followed by the mattress can adapt to various sleeping positions of the human body is also very important, you can be fully relaxed in all parts of the body, the spine is always flat The straight state not only prevents and treats human spinal diseases, but also helps correct bad sleeping postures. And depending on the quality of the spring mattress is the internal structure of the mattress, the following simple analysis of the internal structure of the spring mattress.

Spring mattress internal structure introduction


Spring mattresses are generally composed of springs, fillers and fabrics, of which the spring plays a decisive role. There are many kinds of mattress springs, and the most widely used are three kinds of independent springs, linked springs and one-line steel springs. Among them, independent springs are divided into honeycomb-type independent springs and high-support independent springs. High-grade two springs, the former is better than the latter.

First, the spring analysis

1, independent spring

2(1) Honeycomb Independent Tube Spring
The independent pocket springs are staggered into honeycombed independent springs. The mattress's ability to withstand the human body increases. According to the ergonomic design of the nine zones, and can close to the body curve, can adapt to various sleeping positions of the human body, let the body spine and spring The structure is arranged in parallel so that the human spine can always be kept in a straight and relaxed state, correct sleeping positions can be corrected, and the occurrence of spinal diseases can be prevented. Traction on the surface of the mattress is small and can be neglected. Turning over does not affect the sleep of the partner, prolonging the deep sleep time of the sleeper, and improving the quality of sleep.

(2) independent tube spring
Closely packed pocket springs are glued or ultrasonically sealed. Each spring operates independently instead of a steel wire loop. One of them turns sideways without affecting the other's sleep, and withstands uniform body parts. The neck and waist are fitted to the mattress so that the blood will not circulate or even cause physical numbness due to excessive pressure.

(3) Difference
The honeycomb independent spring is one of the independent cylinder mattresses, and the material and the method are similar, and the honeycomb independent cylinders are arranged in a staggered manner to reduce the gap between each spring, so as to improve the supporting ability and elasticity of the mattress.

2. Linked spring

It is made of a plurality of springs with a relatively large diameter and is made of a steel wire, and has a high hardness and a good supportability. However, its elasticity is not obvious, and it has strong traction. It sleeps for a long time in a fixed position on a mattress or it is habitually sitting on the edge of the bed and corners, and does not regularly flip the mattress, which can easily lead to depression of the mattress and even elastic fatigue of the spring in the mattress. The long-term use of deformed mattresses can easily cause human spine problems, and the human spine is also easy to bend, and even cause various serious diseases caused by human spinal disease.

3, a line of steel springs

The springs are cross-linked into a bed net, and the structure is firm. The force area of ??the spring mattresses is 49% more than that of the spring mattresses. The average force of the mattress can provide an even more comfortable sleep. It is the strongest of all spring structures in terms of support force, average force level, and pressure dispersion. The comfort is low, and it is difficult to fit the mattress with the human body curve, which may easily cause excessive pressure on the neck and waist of the human body. Long-term use can easily cause bending of the human spine.

Second, filling analysis

The filler is mainly added to make the mattress more comfortable and durable. The spring mattress is generally filled with mats, sponges, and knitted cotton. The function of the mat is to increase the support strength and hardness of the mattress, and the durability of the mattress is better. The function of the sponge and the knitted cotton is to increase the softness and comfort of the mattress, wherein the permeability of the sponge is poor, and the knitted cotton is breathable. The effect is better and more comfortable. Generally, these kinds of fillers for spring mattresses are necessary, so that the mattress quality is better and more comfortable.

Third, fabric analysis

The fabric of the spring mattress is mainly made of pure cotton. The surface fabric of the high-quality mattress has anti-mite treatment during the production process, which can kill and inhibit the growth of the mites. The surface layer of the mattress is most closely related to the human body. The selection of the surface fabric is particularly important. The better quality fabric can reduce the probability of the mattress breeding bacteria and worms. The mattress breeding bacteria and worms can easily cause human infectious diseases, even serious. The long-term sleep well causes severe illness such as neurasthenia.

Based on the above analysis of the structural composition of the spring mattress, HYA believes that each component of the spring mattress(Home textile fabrics manufacturer) is more important. It is closely related to human health and has a greater impact on human health. Therefore, Yukio recommends that when purchasing a mattress, we must pay attention to every detail of the mattress so that we can buy quality mattresses to help the body improve sleep quality.