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Sofa maintenance skills

hya hya.net 2018-02-07 08:55:32
Sofa maintenance skills

The sofa, some furniture is one of every family, the main furniture sofa is the living room, now buy a sofa is a very simple matter, but the purchase is still need to pay attention to, such as sofa generally high size, how to choose their own living room sofa size?

The size of the sofa is divided into four types, including a single sofa and a double sofa, a three sofa and a four - person sofa.

The length of the single sofa is 800-950mm, the depth is 850-900mm, the seat height is 350-420mm, the back height is 700-900mm, but this is the basic size. Of course, different brands are different in details.

The size of a double sofa is generally length: 1260-1500mm; depth: 800-900mm; seat height: 400mm. Like a single sofa, the difference between the brand and the size is also very significant.
Three people sofa, the size of the sofa is generally: length: 1750-1960mm, depth: 800-900mm. But it does not exclude the influence of the design of some three of the sofa, with other different sizes.

Four people sofa, its size is generally: length: 2320-2520mm; depth: 800-900mm. So people can choose according to their own actual needs.
Tips, at present, many people still like imported sofa very much. It's worth mentioning that the size of this sofa is usually 900mmX900mm. If you put them in a small family living room, it will make the living room look narrow and worth careful consideration.

When the sofa is placed on the floor of the living room, the bottom of the four corner is best used as a cushion, which prevents the floor from being damaged when the sofa is moved.

When cleaning, first with clean soft cloth to clean the sofa on the surface of dust and dirt, if the cow leather (leather), should be in use before the use of nursing agent graze sofa surface to two times (care products do not use wax), so in the cow leather (leather) form the surface layer of protective film, so that the dirt on the not easy in-depth dermal pores, convenient cleaning.

To avoid jumping on the surface of the sofa, in order to avoid the local pressure after deformation, affect the use. It is also necessary to avoid contact surface with sharp angle or tool equipment to prevent scratching fabric. To avoid long time sunshine irradiation sofa leather fabric caused by deformation and loss of elasticity, if often sunlight, should from time to time to several locations to prevent intermodulation sofa obvious difference; if it is damp and rain will be to place is also to be avoided, which will cause the expansion of the leather surface relaxation loss elastic or cause leather fade, pan color or mildew. If the humidity is large, we can use the weak sun from 8 to 10 in the morning for 7 days, 1 hours a day, and about 3 months.

Daily maintenance, the use of clean soft cloth often clean the fabric sinks or stains. The gap between the back, the armrest and the seat can be used to clean the sundries. It is forbidden to use wet cloth, hard material, acid, alkaline and other chemical materials to contact fabric, so as not to affect the surface quality and use cycle.

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