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Sofa fabric introduction

hya hya.com 2018-06-08 11:56:39

Sofa fabric according to different components: can be divided into polyester, cotton and so on. 

Take the example of polyester fabrics: it can be divided into: suede, super-soft, corduroy, chenille, etc.

Sofa fabrics have different classification methods according to different types. The

According to the raw material composition, there are cotton, linen, and chemical fiber.

And there are many kinds of chemical fiber, including polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon and so on. Many synthetic fabrics are mixed with several ingredients. The

As for silk and wool, it is very rare. The

According to the dyeing method, there are dyed, dyed. The

The dyeing is to first weaving a good cloth and then dyeing it; yarn dyeing means dyeing the yarn first and then weaving. 

No matter what the composition of the cloth, can be made dyed cloth, can also be made of dyed cloth. Generally monochrome is dyed cloth, not monochrome is dyed cloth. The

According to the type of yarn, there are spinning suede, chenille yarn and so on. The

Imitation suede is a fabric that looks like suede. The composition is all polyester, and it is currently on the market.

The chenille yarn is a relatively coarse yarn, and looks hairy. The cloth woven out of chenille is called chenille. There are many kinds of ingredients, polyester, viscose can be made into chenille. This kind of cloth is thick and has a rough style. Currently there are more in the market. 

The fabric ingredients that the shop tells you are basically all kinds of names mixed together, not in accordance with uniform standards. Common suede suede, chenille, yarn-dyed fabrics, cotton, linen.

These fabrics are not good or bad, but they have different characteristics.

According to the price, the same weight of fabric, polyester is the cheapest, cotton is more expensive, linen is much more expensive. However, many yarn-dyed fabrics or chenille fabrics are heavier and thicker, so the price will be higher.

Different fabrics are suitable for sofas(Bedding sheet fabrics wholesales) of different styles. Modern styles and sofas with relatively strong lines are more suitable for cotton or linen. Classical styles use chenille and yarn-dyed fabrics.