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Mattress material - purpose

hya hya.com 2018-10-24 10:20:31

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1. health function

Health mattresses include jade mattresses, magnetic therapy mattresses, warm and cold mattresses, tourmaline mattresses, and urethane mattresses. These health-care mattresses have the advantage of promoting blood circulation, eliminating the feeling of fatigue and stress on the mattress, and promoting rapid sleep. Secondly, it can prevent the growth of bacteria and the moisture absorption effect is better. More suitable for patients with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, neurasthenia, etc., can relieve symptoms.(bobbin thread manufacturer china)

2.Protecting the anterior posture

The ridged mattress has a brown mattress and a hard spring mattress. The first thing to satisfy the ridge mattress is that it has good support and corrective action on the back spine of the human body to prevent deformation of the spine. The brown mattress is the first choice in the ridge protection effect. The brown mattress has a soft and soft texture, and is breathable and hygroscopic, and can timely emit heat generated by the human body.

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3. Leisure and entertainment

The mattress with entertainment effect is naturally a water mattress and an air mattress. After the water mattress is energized, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the surface is wavy. It has a massage effect on human muscles. The disadvantage of the water mattress is that it is on the human body. The stretching of the back muscles is not suitable for long-term use; the air mattress is convenient to store and can be filled and deflated in time, which is more suitable for camping.