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How to buy mattresses?

hya hya.net 2017-12-21 16:50:17
How to buy mattresses?

For many years engaged in the furniture design friends said, at present the mattress roughly divided into the following types: the space memory cotton mattress, latex mattress, mattress, mat etc.. From a professional point of view, we should first consider the impact of our mattresses on health, followed by comfort. According to this idea, we are the first to push the space memory cotton mattress, followed by the latex mattress. The spring mattress is called the recessive killer and will be gradual
Elimination. Let's compare:
Space memory cotton mattress: 1, soft and hard medium, people lie on the upper side, basically according to the human body curve to form a full support. 2, because of the pressure sensor and the temperature sensor and memory function, the body lay up after one or two minutes, can respond according to the person's body shape, body weight and body temperature, the mattress will be more fitting curves of the body, so that the mattress on the human body supporting more perfect, so that the spine in the physiological state of nature, relax, is a best health. 3, zero pressure. It is formed by the slow rebound characteristic of the memory cotton. Further reduce the pressure on the neck, ridge, and buttocks of the body, and almost no turn over during the sleep process. 4, strong air permeability, warm in winter and cool in summer.
Latex mattress, soft, basically can form a full support according to the human body curve. High elasticity, to the human body.

The pressure is greater than the memory cotton mattress. High elasticity does not make it easy to turn over.

Simmons belongs to the spring mattress, just a plane, when sleeping, only the formation of local support. When lying on the flat, the spine is stretched; when the side lies, the shoulder and buttocks form support, which will bend the spine. Simmons spring forming local elastic is too large, looks like a hard top, discomfort, damage to the body. Independent tube is a spring mattress mattress, just to solve the noise problem Simmons, no essential change.

The basic characteristics of mat and Simmons is. It is easy to produce insects, and it is more hot and hot in winter.
If you choose a mattress suitable for yourself? Hope, smell, ask, take a few steps:
1, look: look at the size of the mattress in the selection of the naked eye to see whether the size is appropriate, the appearance is beautiful and generous;

2, smell: smell a mattress with the nose if there is no odor or smell that you do not like;
3, try to try the pad, the easiest way is to choose a mattress lying on the first try, supine, best is to feel the waist back against the mattress can fully support, let the mattress, consciously comfortable and solid; if the mattress is too hard, playing the strong difference in the supine position on the waist can not be close to the mattress, forming a space, can let a flat palm by brown like mattress offers thoughtful support to the back, back can not fully relax. Another situation is lying down, falling down all over the body, changing the waist and back, indicating that the mattress is too soft, and lacks proper support and support. It will make the sleeper wake up and have a lumbago and backache. In addition, when you lie on your back or flip the body, be careful about the noise inside the mattress. There is no friction in the brown pad or other packing material inside.