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Does the plastic film wrapped around the mattress need to be torn off?

hya hya.com 2018-05-02 17:07:52
Does the plastic film wrapped around the mattress need to be torn off? 

After our home was renovated, the important thing was to add some furniture to the home. When we added furniture, we were very happy because we could go to the market to buy a lot of furniture, but when we bought furniture, To pay attention, be sure to buy what you need. And when we are buying a bed, the bed must be accompanied by a mattress. The mattress we bought was covered with a layer of plastic film. So at this time, are we tearing the plastic film or leaving it on it?

Here, I will explain to everyone that the plastic film on the mattress must be torn off. Because the mattress was placed on the bed we used to sleep, so when we sleep on the mattress, it will definitely feel uncomfortable, because there is a layer of plastic film, because the summer air is very hot, so If you do not peel off the plastic film, you will feel particularly hot when you sleep on it. It is also on such mattresses that for a long time, it will also cause some harm to their physical health. Therefore, it is recommended that when you buy a mattress, you must remove the plastic film from the mattress to protect your health. 

But some people have different opinions, because many people think that mattresses are very difficult to clean, so if you leave the plastic film on it, then the mattress can provide a good protection and will not allow There is something dirty on the surface of the mattress. The plastic film can really protect the mattress, but in fact, when we sleep on such a mattress, we can feel the presence of the plastic film, and when we are sleeping, we will certainly turn over. Back and forth is sure to hear the sound of the plastic film, and to some extent it will also affect our sleep.

Especially for some children, if the plastic film is not peeled off in advance, then the children will play on top of it. At the end of the day, all the plastic film will be covered with dust, so the cleaning is very Troublesome.

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