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Choosing the right mattress: several taboos for pregnant women sleeping on the mattress

hya hya.com 2018-08-07 10:33:17

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For pregnant mothers during pregnancy, it is better to have a comfortable rest place, but as the gestational age increases, the pressure on the mother's body is also getting older. A bed suitable for pregnant mothers is at this moment. It seems necessary. Especially in the time of confinement, the body and feelings of pregnant women are more sensitive, and the quality of the mattress is very important for the rest of pregnant women. Today, Yuyan is aiming at the problem of using a mattress for this pregnant woman. It is better to explain in detail which type of mattress the pregnant woman uses.

Pregnant women use mattress contraindications
(1) Hard mattress:
Pregnant women use a hard mattress. When the pregnant woman sleeps on it, the waist will be in a state of being suspended. In the long run, the waist of the person will be damaged. Not only that, but the quality of sleep of pregnant women will be greatly affected. Affect the development of the fetus.

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(2) Soft mattress:
Pregnant women lying on a soft spring bed for a long time, easy to cause the position of the spine to be abnormal, oppress the nerves, increase the burden of the psoas muscle, can not eliminate fatigue, and adversely play the physiological function, and can cause low back pain. Secondly, because the spring mattress is too soft, it will be deeply trapped when sleeping on it for a long time. In addition, the pregnant woman is bulky and it is difficult to turn over. ( Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China

(3) should not sleep spring mattress
Spring mattresses have good comfort and resilience, but are contraindicated for pregnant women. Pregnant women using spring mattresses can cause the position of the spine to be abnormal, which will have a serious impact on the lumbar spine. It can not eliminate fatigue, but also exerts the function of physiological functions and can cause low back pain. Unfavorable turning over. During pregnancy, pregnant women gain weight and are bulky. Spring mattresses do not support the body well. It is easy for the pregnant woman to sink and affect the turning.