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Five standards for quality mattresses

hya hya.com 2018-07-25 10:32:42

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The bed is the closest and longest-lasting piece of furniture to the human body. The choice of mattress will directly affect the quality of our sleep. The "2018 China Sleep Index Report" jointly sponsored by the Sleep Medicine Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, the Sleep Industry Branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, and the Xilinmen Home, said: "There is a 22.5% after 90% replacement. Own mattress to improve sleep." Then, what should you pay attention to when purchasing a mattress?

First, durability. A qualified mattress should be tested on the mattress rolling equipment up to 30,000 times to achieve the standard.

Second, comfort. Because of individual differences, each person's perception of the mattress is not the same. But no matter what kind of mattress, we must ensure that when we sleep on the mattress, our spine can be fully supported, keep straight and stretch, and insert a palm between the waist and the mattress, if the gap is too big. , is not conducive to our spine health.

Third, environmental protection. The mattress should be very breathable, making it difficult for bacteria to breed.

Fourth, breathability. The highly breathable mattress makes it difficult for bacteria to breed, and removes moisture from the body in time to keep it dry and dry.

Five, quiet. A quiet environment is a big factor in ensuring the quality of our sleep. In a noisy environment, we are upset and hard to sleep. If the mattress creaks while sleeping, it becomes a very difficult thing to fall asleep. Pressing a hand or trying to lie is the easiest way to determine if there is noise in the mattress.