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Mattress classification - brown mattress

hya hya.com 2018-07-03 10:01:24
Brown mattresses are used as much as spring mattresses in life. The texture of the brown mattress is hard and the support is excellent. Take a full brown mattress and lie on the mattress. It's like sleeping on a wooden bed, there is no elasticity of the spring mattress, and there is no softness of the latex mattress. Sex, in general, brown mattresses are more suitable for children who are developing and those who are physically inaccessible. The air permeability is strong, the bedding core is not easy to breed roundworms and bacteria, and the heat generated by the human body can be emitted in time to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment inside the mattress.

1. Mountain brown mattress

Mountain brown mattresses refer to general brown mattresses. The raw materials come from the tree sheaths of palm trees grown in the inland cold regions and are hand-woven or machined. Hard texture, good air permeability, not easy to tide insects.

Mattress Advantages: The biggest advantage of the brown palm mattress is its green, high strength, good elasticity, anti-corrosion, anti-moth and other characteristics, beneficial to human health, hand-woven plastic-free mountain brown, more welcomed by consumers.

Disadvantages of the mattress: Although the brown mattress is hard, it is easy to deform. If there is no regular flipping of the palm mattress, it will easily lead to deformation of the mattress.

2. Coir mattress

Coir mattress, raw material from coconut shell fiber, green. There are two kinds of coconut palm mattresses. One method is to weave a net-shaped mattress with a rope made of coconut palm, and another method is to bind coir palm fiber with an adhesive agent, and to match the mattress. Spring use. The coconut palm mattress is soft and soft, has a certain fluffy feel, is comfortable and breathable, and is not susceptible to mildew and mildew. It is suitable for children and the elderly.

Mattress Advantages: Environmental protection The whole brown fiber elastic mattress is harmless and non-irritant to the human body, and has the function of inhibiting bacteria. The selected high-quality coco-brown silk has undergone rigorous de-sugar treatment and it is not easy to grow moldy. Hard and soft moderate, strong support effect, comfort is guaranteed.

Disadvantages of mattress: Green coconut palm, the quality is also uneven in the use of adhesive. The adhesive used for high-quality mattresses is natural latex, while the inferior ones are chemical adhesives, and poor quality chemical adhesives can easily cause excessive formaldehyde on mattresses.

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